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Collected Sounds

review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds                                                                 

Posted on August 13, 2005


I reviewed Celestial Static's Circles EP last year and I really liked it.  So I was happy to see that a full length CD was to follow.

They've still got it!  I love Julie Elzerman's semi-girly voice. It's got that sweet sound while at the same time strong and perfect for the music. This is great pop music.

"Circles", which was on the EP, is still one of my favorites.  I'm sure if this were on the radio, this band would be huge.  I had not heard this song in months yet when I glanced at the lyrics it all came back to me.  I think that's the sign of a good song.  I mean, I listen to a LOT of CDs everyday and for me to remember one from last December (especially since my memory ain't what it used to be) really says something for the song.

This is a great pop CD and if you like pop music with driving rock sounds this is for you.  I'm sure this release will gain Celestial Static a wealth of new fans.

Stand out songs" "Circles", "Are You Breathing", but once again, I like them all…honestly.

East Coast Romper                                                                                                

 review by Brodie Holmen

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, CELESTIAL STATIC have been banging around the local scene since 1996. Made up of one part married couple (Julie-singer/guitar-Jeremy-bass) and one part drummer (Jason Morris), they play a blend of alternative rock/space rock similar to VERUCA SALT, LETTERS TO CLEO and a less enthusiastic LIZ FAIR. Touted as one of the best bands of the local Chicago scene, they have generated a sizable following over the years. Their full-length debut offering is tantalizing piece of musicianship with plenty of voracious female vocals and intricate guitar riffing. The driving force behind the music is punchy baselines and pushy/snappy drum beats-all in all, a great sense of rhythm and layering. Their tuned up guitars was a refreshing change from the abundant amount of down tuned rock bands out there. Heightening this feel is Julie’s vocal range that sounded well practiced and anxiously appreciated. This would be an ideal CD to chill out to and take on a long drive for those much-needed mental vacations we take on a daily basis. Relatively impressive for a band who are not specifically dialed into what is considered “hot” at the moment in music.

The Phantom TollBooth                                                                                                                     Brian A. Smith 
August 13, 2005


Illinois Entertainer - March 2005 issue

Celestial Static's CD single "Circles" -- a follow-up to their Everything I Don't Want EP -- should help the band continue their momentum toward a full-length effort. The song opens with a blast of feedback before changing into a melodic rocker fronted by vocalist/guitarist Julie Elzerman. The single includes two other catchy tracks, "My Last Fuse" and "Forget This."              

-- Terrence Flamm

Collected Sounds

a Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds                                                                 Posted on December 15, 2004

Damn why are all the really good CDs only three songs long? Celestial Static is Julie Elzerman (guitar & lead vocals) Jeremy Elzerman (bass) and Jason Morris (drums). They make a lot of (fantastic) sound for three people!

The songs are pop with an edge. They remind me of the (gone but not forgotten) Katydids. Julie's voice is sweet without being syrupy and sounds great with the driving guitar.

These songs are well written and fun. I love it.

This is a great peek into the music of Celestial Static and I really hope to hear more.

Stand out songs: all of them. There's only three, you can't expect me to select just one.                                  

Chicago Music Guide

September 16, 2004

Straight from the streets of Aurora, Celestial Static brings a heavenly harmony down on Chi-town. Sounding like a cross between a young Veruca Salt and old-school Radiohead, the newest release from this trio, Circles is destined to pull you into their ever growing crowd of listeners. This EP (Celestial Static's 3rd release) demonstrates lead girl, Julie Elzerman's ability to continually expand her lyrics and voice for the better. The album is very versatile musically and lyrically. Circles also marks an end of an era for the band. Jason Morris sits down to the drum set for this album. Morris not only matches the style of earlier Celestial Static albums, he sneaks in some of his own style, showing he's comfortable and where he needs to be. The only downfall to this cd is it's only a 3 song sampler. You will get built up and left alone quickly, craving another taste that isn't coming... not yet at least. Check out for more band info, and to pick up their albums.


Phantom Tollbooth

Circles (EP)
Artist: Celestial Static
Label: Independent 

Celestial Static, a three piece band from Aurora, Illinois, continues to improve on their CD single “Circles,”  Julie Elzerman’s lead vocals are in the range between No Doubt, Veruca Salt, The Primitives, and '90’s alt rockers The Breeders.  Her guitar work is much fuller here than on their debut project.  In fact, the entire band (Jeremy Elzerman – bass; Jason Morris – drums) is much tighter.  It is obvious they have applied themselves wholeheartedly to their craft in the last two years.

“Circles” has a Pixies/Smashing Pumpkins feel to it at times, while “Forget This” has a Breeders sound.  “My Last Fuse” gives us more of the same.  Celestial Static offers hope for those looking for a young band not infused with the current nu metal/hardcore/hip hop trends that currently rule music.

Brian A. Smith
12 August 2004




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